Wonder Core Smart Review – The Ab Building Blunder

Wonder Core Smart Review – The Ab Building Blunder

My Honest Wonder Core Smart Review

wonder core smart

The Wonder Core Smart is touted to be one of the most capable pieces of gym equipment on the market that is designed to build and tone your core. The claim is that the assisted action of the device will help you find the sexy six pack abs you’ve always desired! The question is whether this is really true or not.

I will let you in on a little secret of mine about the Wonder Core. Ready for it? here it goes: “The only wonder in this this product is one that leaves your wallet lighter than your midsection”.

I will be blunt about it, this product is a brutal unproductive waster of money and I am not the only one who thinks so. The wonder core review found here validates my view of the shortfalls of this workout devise.

What frustrates me most about this is that the commercials and ads show highly fit people using it during workouts. The calorie burn you would get from a workout with the wonder core might set you back a couple of hundred calories and that’s a maybe and a big one at that. The commercials don’t mention anything about the diet required to see the results that the TV models have.


Can it work for anyone or is it all bad?

It’s not completely bad, but its close. That said, I imagine that if you can’t perform core building exercises on your own and you need some assistance, the wonder core “might” be helpful.


Here’s What I Know About Wonder Core Smart

Save your money. your wallet and midsection will thank you. Spend your hard earned cash on something that will be far more motivational and effective in the long run like a home workout DVD program.  There are plenty out there to choose from.  This wonder core smart review should give you even more detail about the short falls of this product.

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