Susan G Fitness – Relaunch 2017

Susan G Fitness – Relaunch 2017

My New Website Re-Launch

It’s been a while since I’ve taken the time to post anything to my website about fitness. Well not just fitness, but I have not posted anything. In fact, this is the third relaunch of my website and its now named: Susan G.Fitness. I don’t know why I have not taken this whole online thing seriously but up until now.

What’s Planned For The New Site?

I plan to release more content as it deems necessary. What does that mean? Doesn’t it sound a bit like a statement without commitment? Well, yes and no. I have a basic content plan, but i don’t want to waste my time let alone yours on content that just is not helpful.

I won’t drag this post on for too long other than to say: “Hi and thanks for stopping by”. Please bookmark me and come back when you have time. I am sure that when you do, I will have excellent blog posts for you.

Take care!

Susan G.

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