Old School New Body Is The Best Over 30 Workout

Old School New Body Is The Best Over 30 Workout

Old School New Body – 30 Minutes For A Strong Lean Body

I get a lot of friends asking me about Old School New Body and how the program is working for me. Well, the truth be told, the program works very very well. However, I have to admit that I don’t follow it 100% of the time. There is a reason behind this that I will explain later. The question though still remains: “How do I still benefit from Old School New Body and how can you”?

What Is Old School New Body?

If you have had a chance to read an Old School New Body Review, you are likely to find blog posts stuffed full of marketing hype designed to get a sale and its pretty clear from the start that the people who are writing these articles have no clue about what the program is about. I would actually be willing to be that they haven’t even tried the program. Bashing aside, let me tell you what I know from a firsthand personal perspective.

Old School New Body, sometimes referred to as OSNB is a 30 minute home fitness program designed by Steve and Becky Holman from Ironman Magazine. They both have a huge amount of experience in the fitness industry and build the program based on their personal experience.

Who Is OSNB for?

Anyone can stand to benefit from the workouts of this program since it is designed to use minimal equipment and weights to reduce the likelihood of injury that often comes with lifting weights. Don’t get worked-up though – I know what a lot of us ladies would say: “I don’t want to lift weights because I don’t want to get all bulky looking”.

You won’t, not with Old School New Body. The moderate weights used in the workouts help build lean mass, but not build bulky physiques that are often associated with weight lifting. If you want a firmer bum or lean midsection these workouts will help you get it done.

If you don’t want to take my words for it, that’s totally OK. Take a look around the web though and read through some of the other “real” articles out there like the one found at High Intensity Workouts (Old School New Body Review).

Best of luck – catch you on the next round.

Susan G.

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